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Mr Fox aka Monsieur Renard new blogger

November 20, 2015

I made a promise to write my blog on a regular basis but I think I need a helping hand so I would like to introduce you to our chateau mascot Mr Fox, I will be uploading an image but I am at the Chateau this evening so it will be on the weekend.

Mr Fox lives in our salon at Chateau de Lisse, I know he is a stuffed fox and some people have strong opinions on this, but he was here when we first started the business and he has become over the years a bit of a superstar so we could not bear to part with him now.

Mr Fox has featured in countless wedding albums and many a time been used as a prop for a photo booth, he has posed in a bikini, got down in the salle de danse.

As we are pleased to be hosting the first annual networking event for Brides in France tomorrow, Mr Fox will be reporting back shortly

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